For nearly twenty years, media companies have been attempting to apply a traditional media business model to the new medium of the open web.  The traditional model depends on audience aggregation to grow revenue so the goal has been to get as many people as possible to visit to a website or use an app.  From there, the audience can be converted to revenue through advertising or consumer models.

However, as a decentralized network the open web is designed to propagate information and not to aggregate audience.  Simply, the traditional media business model is not designed for the medium of the open web and as we have now seen, it doesn’t work very well.

Building for the disaggregated aspect of the new medium, new platforms earned the dominant position effectively taking control of the new digital economy.  Scale is achieved through the service search provides directing traffic across the decentralized web. Alongside search, social is able to aggregate audience by focusing on humanity’s common denominator, namely, our desire to be known.

Publishers, disaggregated in function and marginalized in purpose have been relegated to a fundamentally compromised position.

Distributed Media Lab seeks to change the game.

DML is a new company dedicated to providing the platform and products necessary for publishers to harness the decentralized open web.  Using AMP as a syndication format, DML powers a distribution platform that enables publishers to curate content or to distribute with absolute efficiency across the open web.  By integrating discovery and engagement, DML seeks to empower publishers with a new form of distribution more native to the open web. Simply, DML powers a distributed media business model- one that is more native to the open web.

As a small startup team, we got started in 2018 launching curated content collections on local news publisher websites.  The goal being to benefit local news publishers by harnessing quality third party content in a user experience that maintains the reader onsite instead of linking off to a third party website.

Initial experiments have been effective defining the products and market position.  

Now in 2019, DML is moving to the next phase which will be about monetization and scale.  We plan to layer on a revenue operation so local news publishers in our network not only benefit from deeper engagement using quality third party content, they’ll get paid for it as well.