We started Distributed Media Lab with a goal to establish a new economic framework to support quality original journalism on the open web. We recognized that multiple business models would be part of a broader economic framework, so we set out to build a platform that could support multiple revenue streams that benefited publishers dedicated to quality and original journalism. We also knew that the platform had to be relevant across the industry from national and global publishers all the way to the local level where journalism is in most need of some help.

We worked the first couple years honing the platform to support an advertising model centered around branded content. There is growth in the brand marketing category of the advertising sector, and we wanted to build the platform in a way that would allow for local publishers to benefit from this growth trend in the market.

Now, with funding from Grant for the Web, we are excited to start building a new layer to the DML platform focused on reader revenue. Our approach reflects our understanding of the web’s inherent decentralized architecture. Our goal is to provide scalable reader revenue to publishers who distribute their content openly across the web with other quality publishers using the DML platform.