An emerging ecosystem built on quality content and respect for the audience experience. 

Distributed Media Lab powers both sides of a new marketplace built for quality content and a premium audience experience.

Embedding Websites

Through the DML Publisher Hub, website operators can join our partner network and create content collections or discover collections that have been created and embed them onsite with a simple embed code.

As a partner, your revenue results from onsite engagement with the embedded content experience. Our thesis is that the higher quality of the content, the greater the revenue opportunity. And you are likely to know what your audience thinks is the highest quality, so we leave the content selection to you. And we provide performance data so you can tune your content selection with real information.

Distributing Publishers

Using the DML Publisher Hub, publishers now can easily create content collections  embeddable across the open web or limited to a select group of partners.

Open web distribution benefits the quality publisher – as network partners choose to embed, distributed publisher collections provide audience extension.

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